Good morning church family and friends,

Have you ever been in captivity? Forced into a place or condition in life wherein it seemed as if you would remain in that state forever? Figuratively, I think we all have been in a few spiritual, emotional, and mental prisons. The harsh reality about being in bondage is the wait for deliverance. Have you ever waited so long for something that you begin to lose all hope of receiving it? In this passage, the children of Israel were in captives in Babylon, and wanted God to release them immediately. (Let me insert this right here; sometimes the answers to our prayers is, NOT RIGHT NOW!) Israel was in a tough situation, but it was sin that got them in the trouble that they were in. They thought that this time will be like the last time: (meaning that God will forgive them , give them a slap on the wrist and let them go free.) However, this time they were facing hard time (70 years).

Now, this is not to say that our spiritual bonds are always connected with some personal sin; but the principles in the passage can be easily applied to us in all prison like circumstances. For example, we don’t like waiting, and we get so desperate that we start relying upon false hope from false messages of deliverance that tells us that our release or our breakthrough is right around the corner. Let me tell you this; sometimes life can have a long corner. I don’t know what heaven’s clock looks like, but I just know it doesn’t match ours. The good news is that however long we have to wait, God has not forgotten about us. Our season will come, but just not when we think it will. It is coming, and when it arrives, you can bet the blessing will be worth the wait.

In this amazing verse, we see God’s plan for our lives. He says, “I know theĀ  thoughts that I think towards you,” Isn’t it good to know that God is thinking about us? Just when we think He don’t care, He reminds us that we are always in His thoughts. If you ever sit and wonder how God is going to do a thing, just know He always has a plan. In this verse God is saying I have planed your escape, I know when and how I will do it. He wants to assure us that He is not angry with us and He is not going to leave us stranded where we are. He wants us to know that He has nothing but love for us and has good intentions towards us. He continues, “I want to give you an expected end.” In other words, God is saying I want to give you the future that you are hoping for. What are you hoping for today? Are you willing to wait for it? I want to encourage you to continue in prayer and keep the faith. While you are waiting, spend time worshipping, witnessing, and working for the Lord. There is an expression in the world that goes like this: “Do the time and don’t let the time do you.”