Good morning church family and friends,

To worry or not to worry is the question. In Matthew chapter 6, Jesus encourages His followers to live a worry-free life. Do you think this is possible in our day and time? I believe that its possible if we take heed to the principles in the passage. We must shift our focus on God’s care for us. We must know that if He takes care for birds and lilies, He will take care of us too. We are more important to Him. Also, Christ states that worrying doesn’t change anything. Our problems won’t go away just because we are constantly thinking about them. Worrying doesn’t pay the bills or even put food on the table. There has to be something else that we must do in times of desperate need and covetousness. We must put our faith in God. Jesus says that the solution to worrying is trusting in God. Worrying is a sign of distrust and fear of not surviving. When you know that God got you; you let go of worrying. You sleep at night and you experience the peace God.

We must shift our focus on the Kingdom and spiritual living. Worrying causes distractions and divert our attention from other things that matter. God matters, family matter, our jobs and His kingdom matters too. What are you worrying about today that is keeping you from your daily responsibilities? What are you worrying about today that is luring you away from God? Don’t sit around all day and night dwelling on your issues. Don’t become a busy body in fast pursuit of material things, some of us have more than what we need already. Don’t fret behind your basic needs, God’s storehouse is full and you will never ever be without. Free your mind of anxious thoughts, and don’t be overly concerned about what may or may not happen. Paul says be anxious for nothing, but pray about everything. Jesus says “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” So, breath, chillax, and take it easy. God got us!